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Doron Ritter

I was born into a family of photographers. Being a pioneer of the first Hungarian woman photographers, my grandmother had been the leading photographer of a women’s magazine. Ilona Nádor (my grandmother) was my master and teacher, from whom I’ve learnt humbleness, diligence and, above all, the essence of portrait photography – to notice the person behind the picture.

After graduating from secondary school, I continued my studies at a technical school for photographers. I did my practise at an important daily, where I was lucky enough to learn from other significant photographers. Here I had the opportunity to train myself in quick, accurate and to-the-point imaging. It was also here that I realised, I hadn’t been born to be a press photographer, since I was more interested in creating non-existent spaces and atmospheres than in recording existing scenes.

Right from the start I had also been interested in cinematography, so I have completed a cameraman course as well, and, besides my work as a professional photographer, I worked as a cameraman for different public TV channels for years.

From the middle of the ‘90s I have been interested mainly in applied photography and portrait photography, so I have been working primarily in this field. As a cameraman I likewise serve my clients in the applied fields, be it either a video clip, a PR film, a TV commercial or a viral video.

Besides my professional assignments I’m also trying to find time for artistic creation, and whenever I can, I always produce such photos and films that are the fruit of the joy of creation. Nevertheless, I’m convinced that in the present world and age there exist no artists, only decent artisans, who do their jobs with humbleness, and it is only posterity that elevates the worthy – those who have really created lasting works of art – to the rank of artists.

 i am specialize in  :

Commertial Photograpy , Cinematogarphy , Portrait Photograpy ,Film Stills

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