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Budapest Streetphoto




3 Days

About the Course

We are thrilled to invite you to a captivating opportunity that will elevate your street photography skills to new heights. Join us for an extraordinary three-day Street Photo Workshop led by the talented photographer, Ritter Doron, right here in the stunning city of Budapest.

Why Budapest, you may ask? Well, Budapest offers a unique and enthralling backdrop that reveals its true essence to those who dare to venture beyond the typical tourist paths. This workshop will provide you with an exclusive opportunity to explore the hidden gems of Budapest and capture its authentic beauty, an experience that regular tourists seldom encounter.

Workshop 3 day program :

Street photoghraphy 

Day 1.

  9:00 am introduction , welcome coffe , program description          

9.40 am with the help of a photo historian, students listen to a comprehensive lecture  on the history of street photography

11:00 am technique presentation from a photo technique point of view from a streetphoto point of view / Fuji Hungary / 

12.30 pm Lunch Break 

13:30-19:00 photo tour to many well-known historical sites in Budapest

Day 2.

8:00 am meeting in a famous historical coffee house / new york kávéház , vagy párizs hotel kávéház /

9:00 photo tour to find the hidden treasures of Budapest / pest side /

13:00 pm Lunch break 

14:30 Free program 

20:00-00:00  pm lights and shadows in the Budapest night

Day 3.

11:00 am photo walk in the Jewish quarter of Budapest / Dohány synagogue,Jewish quarter and its historical sites/ 

14:00 lunch break 

15:00-18:00  photo tour to find the hidden treasures of Budapest / buda side /

18:00 end of workshop 

Your Instructor

Doron Ritter

Ritter Doron is a renowned photographer in Hungary with nearly three decades of experience in the industry. He is well-known for his work with domestic and international clients, including numerous celebrities and public figures.

Apart from his successful photography career, Ritter Doron has also been dedicated to photography education. For years, he has been actively involved in teaching, serving as a university lecturer and conducting individual workshops and training sessions. His commitment to sharing knowledge and expertise has made him a respected figure in the field of photography education.

Doron Ritter
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